2021 3rd Quarter Newsletter

From the desk of Gavin Kirk

Gavin Kirk, General Manager

General Manager

In the last quarter of the year many are winding down, but the 1 Plus team is gearing up for the festive season and reopening of Ireland! Our continued tech innovation is designed to help you, our employee, work better. You will soon receive emails with log-in details and links to view the “how to” videos for our two new systems, HRLocker and TimeGate.

HRLocker helps you manage your employee profile via the desktop and mobile App portals. The system is designed to facilitate your 1 Plus journey and your personal and professional development.

Our new time and attendance system, TimeGate, replaces PeopleHours/Gallinet. This software will facilitate interactions with our roster team and provide easy access via the App portal. For more information, please email me your questions on .


We all face daily challenges that negatively impact us. Yet every challenge is also an opportunity to overcome discouragement, to grow stronger, and develop new skills. This starts with you being in charge of your own life, and in turn to contribute positively to those around you. When you’re stronger emotionally, mentally and physically, you can make a difference to those at home and at work. It all starts with a choice to be positive and happy. Formulate your goals and have confidence in yourself. When in doubt, slow down. Avoid excess and try to do moderate physical exercise outdoors. We care about you, our employees. Please reach out to our Human Relations department if you need help. We are here for you.


We are always thrilled when employees are recognised by good client reviews due to their diligent work ethic. Once again, a customer expressed gratitude to Rose for excellent work. Well done, Rose! Keep up the great effort.